The countryside report no one wanted you to read

A few years ago four hundred of the world’s top farming scientists and development experts came up with a report damning our pesticide-based food system. You didn’t know about it? I shouldn’t worry. You weren’t meant to.

The Brexit opportunity

  EU membership locked us into a countryside system that used taxpayers’ money to enrich wealthy landowners, City investors and the share-holders of global chemical corporations. To be fair to our European partners they didn’t actually invent the system. The UK Government brought in something equally damaging at the end of World War Two. And … Read More

Pasture Promise TV

Real food, good farming, healthier nation. Browse through our archive of films made over the last five years. Featuring interviews with the champions of grass-fed produce such as Joel Salatin, Zoe Harcombe and Natasha Campbell McBride. Welcome to Pasture Promise TV, the site dedicated to real food and a vibrant, living countryside. We’re all about … Read More